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The International Centre for Astronautical Development (ICAD) is a global scientific community dedicated to expanding Space medicine research and Space sector interest in under-represented regions of the world, through international co-operation.


Our Institute of Research into Space Health and Astronautical Development (IRSHAD) facilitates the performance of high-quality scientific research in the field of Space medicine. The research aims to address global gaps in knowledge to aid the development of humankind into an interplanetary species. To ensure our mission is carried through our research, IRSHAD’s working group leaders are encouraged to recruit researchers from communities which are currently unable to offer Space medicine research opportunities locally.



ICAD offers mentorship opportunities to anyone who feels they belong to any under-represented group within the Space industry. This mentorship program is led by accomplished individuals in the Space industry, and aims to guide and help our mentees achieve their personal goals within the space sector.

We perform space outreach in South Africa, with the intention of generating an interest in Space-related careers. Our vision is to grow this outreach program across Africa.

Our organisation is a global humanitarian effort. If you would like to join our team or learn more about our organisation, please browse our website or contact us at 


Institute of Research into Space Health and Astronaut Development 


At ICAD, our aim is to contribute to knowledge in the field of Space medicine through international collaboration.


Our research goals are to understand the effects of varying space environments on the human body, ways to reproduce those environments in a terrestrial setting, and ways to mitigate the adverse effects on the human body.


This work aims to help develop humankind into an interplanetary species. 


In addition to the benefits for humans as a space-faring nation, there are also terrestrial benefits of space medicine research such as drug development, tissue generation, and spin off technology.


At IRSHAD, you will work as part of an international team to produce high quality research for publication in accredited peer reviewed scientific journals.


If you would like to join our research team, please reach out to one of our research coordinators using the link below.



ICAD's mentorship program offers opportunities to anyone from any under-represented group within the Space industry. 

Our mentors are accomplished individuals and experts in their fields, and the program aims to guide and help our mentees achieve their goals in the space sector.


Why should you join a mentorship program?

Some benefits:

  • Personalised professional advice

  • Career development

  • Personal development ​
  • Targeted skill improvement

  • Set goals and strategies for achieving them

  • Receive feedback on your ideas

  • Expand your network

  • Gain an experienced perspective

  • Develop a long lasting relationship with your Mentor

Mentees will be given an opportunity to check in to evaluate how the mentorship is supporting their development goals. 

Note: This is one-on-one mentorship so spaces are limited based on the number of active mentors in the program. 


Why should you join our team of mentors?

Some benefits: 

  • Opportunity to impart knowledge

  • Build motivational and communication skills

  • Personal growth

  • Develop future leaders

  • Gaining recognition as an advisor

Do you have the right skills to be a mentor? 

Are you:

  • A good listener/sounding board?

  • Knowledgeable/An expert in your field?

  • Able to give constructive feedback?

  • Able to network and help mentees access resources?

  • Willing/able to devote time to developing others?

  • A strong leader?

If you answered yes to all these questions, and would like to join our team of mentors, click the button below to apply.

Our outreach efforts are designed to keep our fellow humans inspired and motivated, and to create opportunities for innovation and forward momentum. Wherever opportunities are not overtly available, we believe in creating them so that others may follow and in turn develop further pathways for future generations.

Currently, our vision is to inspire and empower people from South Africa and other African countries. Through our outreach program, we aim to foster local engagement and leadership and strengthen the fabric of our space community.

Giving back to the world is the foundation that ICAD is build on. If this is something that you believe in, join our mission!


ICAD offers a way for our fellow humanitarians to work together for the common good, transforming shared dreams into action. Our team operates remotely, unless able to participate in person on our outreach activities.

Working with ICAD offers an opportunity for:

  • Experiential learning

  • Networking with Space professionals

  • Recommendations for future roles

  • Industry Recognition

  • Continued growth

We are open to expressions of interest. 

Please submit your CV and cover letter to or click the link below.

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