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ICAD's outreach projects serve to develop generational space industry goals by educating, inspiring and empowering the youth from under-represented countries. 

Our goal is to encourage the youth to pursue careers in the space industry; to encourage local leaders to create opportunities for innovation and forward momentum within the space sector; and to develop clear pathways for future generations.

Local engagement is fostered through the assistance of established organisations, with target groups including primary and secondary school children, undergraduate students and rural communities with no access to educational resources.

Educational material is created and disseminated through online webinars, booklets, in-person workshops and videos for educators.

This program is managed by our Outreach Coordinator, who is supported by the Organising Committee and Ground Support Team.

Giving back to the world to strengthen the fabric of our space community is the foundation that ICAD is built on.

If this is something that you believe in, join our mission!

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