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Institute of Research into Space Health and Astronautical Development 


ICAD’s Institute of Research into Space Health and Astronautical Development (ICAD-IRSHAD) facilitates the performance of high-quality scientific research in the field of Space medicine, through international collaboration.

This division of ICAD works on a project-by-project basis. Each project has its own defined objectives, driven by the needs of the communities that we are engaging with, and working in support of ICAD's mission to expand the field of Space medicine in under-represented regions of the world.


The constitution of our Space medicine team varies based on the objectives of each project.


Civilian Medical Information for Space Travel (C-MIST) is our current project, in partnership with Space for Humanity.


Our goal is to perform a comprehensive patient-centred review of common medical conditions and the risks associated with suborbital flight and short duration exposure to microgravity. Our intention is to improve civilian knowledge and awareness, and to support international civilian access to space flight opportunities and commercial space program inclusivity. 

C-MIST is a 2-3 year project. Individual researchers are required to commit to an initial 3-month term which may be extended by mutual agreement.


Recruitment opens in November 2023. We encourage applicants from regions without local Space medicine opportunities.



  • Medical doctor (MBChB or equivalent) with at least 2-3 years of clinical experience

  • Objective knowledge of Aerospace medicine (courses, certificates, diplomas, etc.)

  • Experience developing patient information leaflets

  • Demonstrated writing ability  (Procedural documents, research reports, etc.)

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication (English)

  • Ability to work independently and unsupervised

  • Proficient with software applications (Microsoft 365, Google workspace, Slack)

  • Proven ability to meet deadlines without needing prompts or reminders


  • PhD/Master’s degree 

  • Working knowledge of scientific principles and referencing, research design, and research protocols

  • Previous research experience as first author

  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to changing requirements and schedule

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