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ICAD's mentorship program offers opportunities to anyone from any under-represented group within the Space industry. 

Our mentors are accomplished individuals and experts in their fields, and the program aims to guide and help our mentees achieve their goals in the space sector.


Why should you join a mentorship program?

Some benefits:

  • Personalised professional advice

  • Career development

  • Personal development ​
  • Targeted skill improvement

  • Set goals and strategies for achieving them

  • Receive feedback on your ideas

  • Expand your network

  • Gain an experienced perspective

  • Develop a long lasting relationship with your Mentor

Mentees will be given an opportunity to check in to evaluate how the mentorship is supporting their development goals. 

Note: This is one-on-one mentorship so spaces are limited based on the number of active mentors in the program. 


Why should you join our team of mentors?

Some benefits: 

  • Opportunity to impart knowledge

  • Build motivational and communication skills

  • Personal growth

  • Develop future leaders

  • Gaining recognition as an advisor

Do you have the right skills to be a mentor? 

Are you:

  • A good listener/sounding board?

  • Knowledgeable/An expert in your field?

  • Able to give constructive feedback?

  • Able to network and help mentees access resources?

  • Willing/able to devote time to developing others?

  • A strong leader?

If you answered yes to all these questions, and would like to join our team of mentors, click the button below to apply.

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