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The International Centre for Astronautical Development (ICAD) is a global scientific community dedicated to expanding Space medicine research and Space sector interest in under-represented regions of the world, through international co-operation.


Our Institute of Research into Space Health and Astronautical Development (IRSHAD) facilitates the performance of high-quality scientific research in the field of Space medicine. The research aims to address global gaps in knowledge to aid the development of humankind into an interplanetary species. To ensure our mission is carried through our research, IRSHAD’s working group leaders are encouraged to recruit researchers from communities which are currently unable to offer Space medicine research opportunities locally.



ICAD offers mentorship opportunities to anyone who feels they belong to any under-represented group within the Space industry. This mentorship program is led by accomplished individuals in the Space industry, and aims to guide and help our mentees achieve their personal goals within the space sector.

We perform space outreach in South Africa, with the intention of generating an interest in Space-related careers. Our vision is to grow this outreach program across Africa.

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