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Kneeling Astronaut

The International Centre for Astronautical Development (ICAD) is a non-income-generating, not-for-profit organisation that functions through an international volunteer community with a shared vision.

Our mission is to ignite global space sector interest and capability, specifically directing our efforts towards under-represented regions of the world. We are working on various approaches to achieve this goal, including an outreach program, project-based joint ventures within the field of space medicine, and a mentorship program. This threefold approach allows us to create change across all generations for the most sustainable results, all bringing us one step closer to becoming an interplanetary species. 


Our mentorship program reaches postgraduates and established professionals, regardless of age or industry experience. This will guide the development of local space start-ups in regions with emerging or non-existent space sectors, to increase their chances of maturation.


ICAD’s outreach program aims to inspire and educate the younger generation, from toddlers to young adults, to pursue careers in the space industry for generational continuity. 


Our Space Medicine division (IRSHAD) works on a project-by-project basis. Our goal is to make commercial space flight more accessible internationally; to bring scientific knowledge to the general public; and to build space medicine knowledge in under-represented communities.


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