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The aim of this program is to turn you into a human multitool by equipping you with a versatile skill-set which will make you an asset for crewed off-world missions. This course will also enhance your ability to problem-solve in any scenario that you may encounter in hazardous or isolated environments. 

Course Structure

This is an intensive 4 week hybrid program. The online component consists of a combination of live and recorded lectures, followed by 2 weeks on site.


Entry to this course is competitive as there are limited spaces.

Core Skills

  • Survival skills

  • Emergency medical care

  • Hypoxia Awareness 

  • High G Physiology

  • Crisis Management

  • Fire Safety

  • Research Workshop

  • Interview skills

  • Spaceflight principles

  • Space suits

  • Teamwork and Leadership


*This is not an exhaustive list

Admission Criteria

  • Adults over 18

  • Bachelor's degree minimum

  • Class II Medical Certificate (only needed for some aspects of the course)

Contact Us

If you are interested in attending this course, please email us at or click the button below:

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